Best place to print mtg proxies

FoilF 2. FoilC set has 21 magic the gathering proxy cards. FoilB 2. Please check the picture and videos by clicking the picture below:. ModernX 3. All cards are high-dollar and highly played in modern, legacy, edh, and FNM tournaments. All magic the gathering cards are made with German black core. Please check the pictures and video below and see just how good the quality of our cards are. HoloA 3.

HoloB 3. HoloC 2. Like with all our other sets, all cards are high-dollar magic the gathering proxies that see high-level of play. Again, the level of quality of each card can easily be seen in the pictures and video below. MixedB set is here! Check the list and pictures by clicking picture below for a complete list. The EDH 2. Please check the list and pictures below:. The Lands 2. We offer high quality Power 9, including Unlimited and Beta versions.

Click the pictures below to see them in HD. We offer all versions of dual lands, including Unlimited, Beta and Revised. Click the picture below to see them in HD. We also offer high quality fetch lands. We have every version of each card.

Click the picture below for HD pictures of each one. Modern set, Vintage set, and Legacy set. All magic the gathering cards can pass the bend test, water test, and light test under strong light. Cards list is fixed.

MTG Question: Good place to print proxies?...?

One set of Vintage 2.As you will know if you are reading this lines, the secondary MTG cards market has been recently flooded by an impressive amount of high quality proxies. How good are they? However, they are still far away from being able to fool someone that has been trading and playing more than 20 years. When I touch one of this fakes, a red alarm light start blinking in my head. Purpose of this page is to describe several test that will help you to spot them.

If you want to replicate this test by yourself you will need a few tools. They are not particularly expensive: the entry level price for the full kit would be around USD, a negligible amount of money if you are interested in trading P9 and similar stuff. The first 2 are really easy to spot because they almost invariably have a different weight and thickness. I will describe in the following section the tests that I perform to guarantee the authenticity or the cards I trade and their expected results.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or you want to give me your input on some topics. With this test we check with a high precision scale how much does the card weight. What is important here is not the absolute value, that can be influenced by several factors humidity, characteristics of the scale, etc… but the fact that 2 cards of the same set should have the same weight. A standard Magic cards weight on my scale around 1.

This test is quick and easy and it is usually a good starting point. Rebacked cards like the Alpha Timetwister in the third picture normally fail this test. Also the new high quality proxies weight a bit more. You can see a couple of examples in the pictures below. Please click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

Several categories of fakes cards will fail this test: for instance re-backed Collectors Edition which also have a distinctive, glossy feeling like poker cards as well as several type of old Chinese proxies.

You can see an example in the third picture. New high quality proxies have the same thickness but they retain a distinctive, different feeling similar to Poker cards. Here the test is similar to the weight test: is the thickness of the card the same of another card from the same set?I've wanted to make partial alters in real mtg cards, like just changing the picture. Besides just putting a print out of the card in front of a card in a sleeve? Play with Or if it gets the image from the duel decks the foil image looks weird, so you have to choose a non foil one.

If so, does anyone know of a legit person that could do it?

best place to print mtg proxies

Much thanks! You could foil most of a card without it being a proxy. As long as the. Discuss anything concerning this This is for ideas on how to make HQ mtg proxies. Please don't say print on. I'm aware of two proxying methods, both of which involve a foil card. In my experience, the best method for making your own foil proxy cards is to remove the ink from an existing foil and glue a printed, transparent sheet onto the.

Hey dear community! Today I want to share with you a very special tutorial that wouldn't have been p. It involved blanking foils with acetone and gluing down proxies I would have cheerfully gone on making proxies this way, except for one tiny. How to make MTG proxies? Do you mean how can you make a non foil card into a foil one?

Some are issued judge proxies due to some foils being marked in an otherwise non-foil deck. I'm making a handful of proxies a month to give away to people who attend. Do you make non-foil proxies? Can you make oversized Commander Foils or Double Sided foils?. I know the Vs system cards are like 1 from all the proxy cards they make.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I tried to print a bunch of Magic the Gathering Proxy cards through my local Costco. An MTG Cube. They called me up and told me that those cards are copyrighted material and that it would be illegal to print them. I have seen people use proxy cards so I just assumed that Wizards of the Coast allowed printing cards that are clearly not the real card on photo paper and not the right size.

Is there an official ruling from Wizards of the Coast on this? If it is allowed is there something I can show my local CostCo? Seems that Wizards Of the Coast classifies it as full on illegal unless the card is made by a judge in a tournament when the original card is damaged.

Proxies are substitute cards created solely by judges in sanctioned tournaments pursuant to the official tournament rules. These substitutes are allowed when authorized game cards become unplayable during a sanctioned tournament because of damage or excessive wear. Proxies do not include any graphical reproduction of their intended substitutes. Counterfeits are copies or reproductions of actual Wizards trading cards, whether or not they are identified as non-genuine.

Counterfeits are strictly prohibited, even for personal, non-commercial use. I am not a lawyer, but I found relevant information. Reproduction of copyrighted material is completely fine if it is considered Fair Use under the Fair Use Doctrine.

Th doctrine provides a litmus test that you can apply to determine if your use would be considered fair. Below are the relevant clauses. Rule Using only a small portion of a copyrighted material tips towards fair use, while using large portions indicates a need for permission.

Rule 4 Where a work is available for purchase or license at a reasonable cost, copying all or a significant portion of the work in lieu of purchasing or licensing a sufficient number of "authorized" copies would likely be unfair. The rules are obviously vague, and different states apply them differently.

Only Wizards can give you peace of mind. All of that being said, you are safe printing proxies because they are banned at tournaments, they are worthless anyway, everyone does it, and even though Wizards strictly prohibits it, they have never gone after anyone for it. As for what you can tell CostCo, you don't have a case. If you tried to make one, you would fail rules 2 and 4. Go print at another location, or just write over your basic lands like everyone else.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Are Magic The Gathering Proxy cards illegal to print? Asked 6 years, 2 months ago. Active 4 years, 8 months ago.You can't buy proxy cards.

A proxy card is any random spare card u have that u use as a substitute by either agreeing with your opponent or by marking it. If your deck uses sleeves, you can put a piece of paper inside with it detailing what the actual card does. If you want to try cards out, you can use apprentice or magic workstation.

Their free magic online programs that allow u to play. They don't provide the art but it does allow you to test your deck against others. Well, you can't buy proxies. However you can use any spare commons or extra lands. The best way to use proxies will be to print the cards from your computer you can get the pictures from the gatherer database www.

Magic the gathering: Where do i buy proxy cards? I want to try cards out in my deck before I buy it.? In my opinion, the first deck you ever play, if you liked it, it will still be one of your favorites forever.

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So depending on the color you started with, you could get a deck of that color, but between fat packs and a toolkit, definitely get the toolkit. The toolkit was created for newcomers in magic to teach them how to build decks.

Fixed List

If you get the fat packs you probably won't know how to make a deck unless you get your friend to help you. Also, the cards in the toolkit are guaranteed to be able to make multiple kinds of decks with the cards you start with, much better value for a beginner.

MTG Foil Proxies that are NEAR Perfect?!?!

If you need any specifics or help with anything, feel free to message me on here. You don't buy proxy cards, you take a spare land card or worthless common and write "Black Orchid Proxy " or similar on it. Answer Save. Charliemoo Lv 5. Makotto Lv 4. That should do it. Good Luck. This Site Might Help You. RE: Magic the gathering: Where do i buy proxy cards? How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.

best place to print mtg proxies

Tammy Lv 4. Tan Z. David D Lv 7. Show more answers 1. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Hi, I am trying to use this process to print on foil cards And having mixed results - one card printed last night looks fine. But two other it's more humid today have ink running and not sticking to the card.

Have I messed something up? I am using an HP printer to do the printing. Thanks in advance.

best place to print mtg proxies

If you're getting bleeding you may need more glass and tile medium to absorb the ink. However there is a bigger problem with printing over a fool surface. Real foil cards use white ink. I have yet to find a way to get an inkjet to print with white ink Doing two coats of glass and tile medium seems to be improving the results significantly That's exactly what it is. It's ink with a white color. It's not available in home printers. It's a type of printers ink that is used by industrial printing presses to create white images on non white surfaces.

Thanks for the tutorial. I have made many proxies that were far worse than what you are creating. Do these fit into perfect fit sleeves? Yeah, they fit into perfect fit sleeves. They're indistinguishable from normal cards. No only inkjets. Laser jets are low quality not really worth using anyway. I don't see how it would be low quality. Can you elaborate or would something like that work nowadays? As far as I know laserjet printers have not advanced much.

I can't say exactly why they don't work well for pictures, but they look pretty bad. If you're curious you can verify this for yourself by asking for a test print and comparing it to a real card. The other issue is that when you print on a real card with a laserjet there can be other issues, but I'm not sure how to solve them If you can some how find a way to make laserjets work please post it. Whenever I use acetone to blank the card, the liquid gets into the cardboard and starts tearing it up.

What should I do?This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. MTG Salvation. Sign In Register. This thread was automatically marked as Locked. Experienced Mage. Hey all, So for giggles some friends and I decided we wanted to try making unrestricted vintage decks with proxies, because none of us come even close to owning any power, let alone enough to flesh out an unrestricted deck.

We just want to have fun with some turn 1 kills, so we decided that proxies are a decent way to do this. Normally I'd use the magiccards.

Is there a website or program that will make up decent, printable proxies that I can put in a sleeve in front of a basic land or something? Private Mod Note :. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Archmage Overlord. Common Mage. I go to the Gathererfind the card I need, copy and paste into Microsoft word. Win game. That's how I make proxies.

Cards Tests

My decks Resident Planeswalker. Go to this thread. There you will see the best proxies I have ever seen and how to make them. Immortal One. For whatever reasn, MSE does not print the card sizes correctly. Take that PDF, stick it on a thumb drive, go to Staples or any other office supply store, and use the color copier to print out a single "master" sheet on high quality photo paper Then make color copies of those masters and chop them up. Keep the masters untouched so you can make more copies in the futrue by just copying them on a color copier.

For really easy, sloppy proxies, I use the magiccards. Then I cut them out and just slide them in front of a land.

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It's not pretty, but it works, and you can tell what the cards are for sure. The Fallen Darkness. If you're looking for perfect size proxies you can use thisI'm not sure what to do about the ink.

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